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SaleSpread connects buyers and sellers of leads to produce a fair, simple, and mutually beneficial exchange of business prospects.

Below is a diagram of the business lead exchange process on SaleSpread.com. They are; Lead Collection, Checking, Member Selection, Sales Dialogue and Choice Reporting.


The first stage of the lead exchange process is the collection of business leads from one of our SaleSpread lead sellers. SaleSpread sellers place the full details of any business prospects they cannot service into our online form and submit them to the SaleSpread exchange. On submission we collect core client information such as the primary contact details and the key project requirements of the client. The client is notified of the business's intent to share their information on the SaleSpread marketplace, and has the option to either decline the opportunity or to go forward and find SaleSpread members that are fully able to service their project.


Should SaleSpread receive a lead authorised for sharing, we check it over for any obvious quality issues. We then value the lead according to it's own capital value, the industry it is in and it's overall quality. The lead checking stage is carried out in-house by SaleSpread and should ensure that no erroneous, irrelevant or otherwise bad quality leads are sent on to users in the bidding stage. We make every effort to ensure leads we send to our members remain at the highest quality, so everyone gains by bidding for fresh high quality leads.

The leads are graded as part of our checking process and a valuation is carried out to give each lead a fair price for buyers on our exchange. Many factors are taken into account to create the lead valuation, including the headline value of the lead, the number of years the business relationship would be likely to last, the likelihood of winning the lead (calculated from past performance of the lead seller), the industry type and the predicted quality and commercial scale of the client. All of these factors contribute to creating a fair and realistic price for the lead on our exchange.


After the valuation process is complete we send the prospect on to the appropriate category's subscribers on SaleSpread. We give the lead buyers a maximum of four slots to purchase, which represent an opportunity to contact the client and provide a quote. The limited opportunities to purchase a slot provide a realistic chance for buyers to secure a sale on each of the leads that they buy.


When there are enough buyers for a particular lead and enough lead slots are filled, the lead progresses to an active stage. Now the lead buyers are given the full contact details of the client for their own use. Those who have secured slots on the lead negotiate with the client to secure their business, using all conventional methods of communication - the client's phone number and email details are provided to the successful buyers. There is now open competition between these bidders, who all receive precisely the same lead details and can contact the client at exactly the same time.


Once all of the different bidding businesses have had the opportunity to provide quotes to the client and potentially negotiate a successful transaction, SaleSpread will ask the client to report back on their sale choices. There is monetary incentive associated with correct reporting, so clients are totally motivated to provide this feedback promptly and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. If they choose a SaleSpread member for their project, they state the name of that business in their feedback. The company or individual is then contacted personally to confirm their involvement in the completed business agreement. If the transaction is confirmed, the SaleSpread is completed and the seller is compensated for a successfully sold lead. Should the client do a deal with a business from outside of SaleSpread, the lead cost is refunded to all of the buyers of the lead on SaleSpread. As a consequence, any investment in a lead from SaleSpread is always a fair and measurable one.

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