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Buying leads on SaleSpread is a great way of gaining new customers in an economical and controlled way. You only ever have to pay for leads if either yourself or one of the competitors on SaleSpread wins the customer, so you always have the fairest deal. All SaleSpread leads are highly motivated buyers who could not be successfully served by our members, hence their trade on our exchange.

Our SaleSpread sellers send the lead on to us when they cannot fulfil the client's exact project requirements themselves. We check each lead that we get, and send the best ones onto you for you so you can find leads that suit your business perfectly. Each lead is sent on to an absolute maximum of four buyers, so you will always get an excellent chance of winning and gaining a motivated new client.

All you need is a SaleSpread User Account to purchase leads from us. It is free to register and there is no obligation for you to make any purchase. You could sign up and observe our service before you make your move. Sign up now in 5 minutes >

The Lead Buying process at SaleSpread:

  1. Choose a lead you want to buy in your SaleSpread Online Account.
  2. You buy for a price decided by the quality of the lead, the value of lead and the likelihood of you winning that customer.
  3. The Lead details are sent to a maximum of 4 companies - you have limited competition.
  4. You contact the customer and put forward your proposal.
  5. If the sale goes to a company outside of all the salespread buyers, you get all your money back. If the sale goes to your business or any other SaleSpread member you are charged the lead price.

How do I buy?

Purchasing incoming leads on our site is very easy. Firstly, you select the categories where you are interested in sourcing leads for your business. We will send you all the leads that meet your requirements. From these leads you are free to choose the specific leads that you want to purchase. When you make a choice your account is debited from your prepaid balance to pay for the lead.

Once you are interested in purchasing a specific lead you click on a vacant purchase slot next to the lead in your Online User Area. You pay for the slot and then it is reserved for your business. If there is sufficient demand for the prospect the SaleSpread is activated and you receive all the contact details for the client - including telephone number, contact name, position held, email address, the business name and the nature of the business. SaleSpread leads are sent to a maximum of four businesses, which means there is always limited competition for the client. You are free to contact the individual or business independently, discuss their project, negotiate a fee and begin work freely and independent of SaleSpread supervision, giving you great communication flexibility for your project.

If any business or individual outside of SaleSpread wins the lead you will always get an automatic refund. This system enables high and strict return on investment. The integrity of our lead referral system is maintained because we incentivise both potential clients and buyers of leads to report fully their purchasing choices to SaleSpread. We maintain excellent historical data on return on investment to give you great prices whilst policing real time return on investment controls across our exchange. The SaleSpread concept also totally eliminates risks inherent in advertising, such as click fraud (found on many search engines) and the fixed measurement of exposure achieved per pound spent in traditional offline media, such as advertising spots on newspapers and billboards.

We offer a secure place for your advertising investment. Our client purchase reporting directly increases your return on investment and ensures the continued security of your 1 in 4 chance of winning a client.

Lead Pricing

Each lead is priced primarily according to the value of the prospect over the business relationship’s likely lifetime and the calculated predicted profit margin in the industry concerned. Whilst the list of these factors will likely to change from time to time, they should all equate to a fair calculated lead price for the lead you are purchasing, and allow you to make an excellent profit on your overall SaleSpread purchase expenditure if your proposals to clients are realistic and competitive. 

Use our interactive tool below to take a look at purchase prices and the likely return you can get when you purchase leads through us.

Payments to SaleSpread for lead purchases can be made via PayPal and most major Credit and Debit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Delta etc.).
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