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Selling surplus business leads is a great way to make money for your business out of a previously unharnessed revenue resource. Never before have you had the opportunity to trade surplus leads in a quick and easy way online.

You make money by passing on customers you cannot service to other suppliers for quotes. There are great returns to be made from capturing these clients for use by other businesses. If you submit 3 business leads a week each worth £500, you could make £4,000 in a year for your business at no loss to you.

Forwarding leads to us is simple and takes seconds.


Selling your leads on SaleSpread is easy, all you need is an SaleSpread Account at our website (sign up here) so you can actively trade your unwanted business leads with our members. When you are a member you simply share any leads you want to publicise on our exchange in the lead sharing area in your online account. This allows you to enter all the lead details and submit them to our members. We then review this lead and publish it on our website for lead buyers to view and decide whether they wish to buy the lead from you. If there is sufficient interest in the lead, the lead is sold and you get a return.

We give your business a reward if a sale takes place between your shared client and by any of the SaleSpread members who buy into the lead. You could make approximately £100 for a lead worth £1,000 with SaleSpread, although true returns vary according to the industry type.

Look at our interactive returns guide below under 'What returns can I expect?' to learn more about the scale of returns generated for your industry.

Why should I sell my leads on SaleSpread?

  • The returns you get - you can make a great deal of money from the business leads you cannot service, rather than the usual process of turning a customer away or referring them for free to a competitor or your contemporaries in the industry.
  • High chance of resale - we give you a direct link to businesses which are well matched to your client. Let us find a suitable company for the prospect's redirection.
  • You can get significant goodwill from finding a supplier for your prospect, creating positive dialogue and opening the door for future business relationships. Client satisfaction even for non-converted clients.
  • Your can market more generally in your industry area, and recoup the cost of finding non-targeted leads using SaleSpread commissions. This could enable you to increase your overall market exposure with less downside risk.
  • Prospect Replacements - you have the option of purchasing leads through SaleSpread on your User Account, so you can find relevant replacements for the leads that you sell, all in one convenient location.

The revenue from any leads you sell is added to your online balance. You can withdraw money from your online balance at any time to your nominated PayPal account.

What returns can I expect?

Use the interactive guide below to find out what returns you can expect to generate as a lead seller on SaleSpread.

Perhaps you also like the idea of buying leads as well as selling them? You can do that too in your SaleSpread Account. You choose the categories you are interested in, and we will send you all the most relevant leads for your review. More about buying leads at SaleSpread


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