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On SaleSpread, businesses can sell business prospects that they can't use themselves. In addition, businesses can find interesting client opportunities on our Online Lead Exchange.

It's a simple concept that allows you to make money from all the business opportunities that you would have usually lost. You earn money for each unwanted lead you give to our members for more quotes. The amount you earn for each lead depends on the lead value, the industry and the relevance of the lead to other SaleSpread members.

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You can also buy business leads that have been submitted by other users. Our Online Lead Exchange allows lead buyers to find the business leads that are the most relevant, cost effective and timely for their business - all through a direct feed via. email and online at SaleSpread.com. We send you the leads, and you find the best ones to buy.

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Selling Leads

Your business can make a return by trading in business leads which are surplus to your requirements at SaleSpread. You receive a financial reward for your business whilst giving your client the opportunity to find a high quality SaleSpread member for their project delivery.

Advantages for Sellers

  • You get a return for sharing your unwanted leads - a previously untapped resource of revenue from a dropped business enquiry.
  • You keep potential future clients happy with useful client redirection and excellent customer service.
  • You can retain 'lost' clients and turn them into future sales by keeping them informed of your business developments.

To see the gains you can make from sharing unwanted leads, please go to Selling Leads.

Buying Leads

Buying business leads on SaleSpread.com is easy. Your business can buy one of four slots on any SaleSpread business prospect to contact that shared customer. When you buy a slot, you buy the opportunity to contact the client and gain one new highly motivated buyer.

All of the potential customers on SaleSpread have been shared by existing SaleSpread members on our exchange, and checked to make sure they are of high quality. You only pay for the client referral if the eventual transaction stays within the selection of SaleSpread members who have purchased slots, so you get a very good potential rate of return for every business lead slot you purchase.

Advantages for Buyers

  • You can purchase highly targeted and super-relevant leads at your own discretion.
  • You receive minimal and measurable competition on every lead purchase. If the client chooses a provider outside of SaleSpread you are always refunded.
  • We check that all leads are high quality, valid prospects that are of interest to our buying community.
  • You can flexibly discuss the final project fee, the full details of the project, and go about the delivery of the project free of all SaleSpread involvement.

To learn more about buying leads on our exchange, please visit Buying Leads.


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